We are Spring’s Becoming

our shared earthseed life

Each month, I write for a spiritual community, Imaginarium, based here in Nashville. I thought I would share my most recent piece of writing. Imaginarium curates different kinds of content each week of the month, and my content is the MIND content. It is designed to get folks thinking, so that we can build a better world, together. I hope you enjoy this thought piece! Let me know in the comments!

We are Spring’s Becoming

The last week of March & the first few days of April was Holy Week in the Christian Tradition. It was also Passover in the Jewish Tradition, whose rituals recount narratives of emancipation for the Israelites. Outside of institutional religion, there was also another event transpiring in Minnesota: The Trial of the State-sponsored Strangulation of George Floyd. 

I paid attention to the news this week and each time I heard anything about the trial, It felt as though George Floyd was on trial, not Derek Chauvin who strangled Mr. Floyd.  

This made me ask a few questions: 

  1. Why do so many of our traditions speak of liberation & new life when none of our systems forward that new life?

  2. Why do we ALL hope for something better when broken promises seem to be everyone’s norm?

Spring should be when we stay up later and find ourselves on the porch. But this year, many of are still waiting for access to a vaccine to minimize our collective risk of contacting COVID-19, struggling to make ends meet, figuring out how to homeschool school-age children, and learning that many of us spend a lot of our long days cleaning on top of working full time. We are struggling. 

We’ve not yet grieved the loss of 500,000+ blessed souls. We are struggling to be human with one another, and we remain in a toxic paralysis of supremacy culture. 

The dawning of spring is both an undeserved and enormous gift in the midst of all that is happening and accelerating. 

We don’t deserve this newness and a shared cruising utopia when George Floyd remains on trial. We don’t deserve bright blessings of  emergent ever green earth seeds. 

Yet, we are being given a new season called Spring. We are being gifted cosmic magic in all that is generated from our shared struggle and our innermost anxieties. We are entering into a new fold of our becoming, even in the midst of our systems not forwarding liberation. 

It is up to us. We are the season of becoming. We are Spring’s gift in the face of ongoing criminalization of an innocent murdered man. 

Now is our time. We are Spring’s becoming.