Uncertainty breeds compassion

Let us be the kind of people who loves through adversity

We are living in uncertain times; that is for sure! I’ve been sitting with this uncertainty and the fact that I might not be able to travel until 2022 and I’ve been focussing in on heart work and the work of compassion. I think that when we honor uncertainty, it can breed compassion. We can literally grow a compassionate self in the midst of uncertainty.

That’s my invitation to you all this week! Can you come alive in the midst of uncertainty and lean into a compassionate self? That’s my work as I undo my attachment to this production motivated capitalistic hegemony. Can we become compassionate people? Yes, we can! I’m on the journey to becoming compassionate with myself, so that I can become compassionate with the world.

I change myself; I change the world. Gloria Anzaldua

Let us be a people who unhinge from harm and lean into love.

Onward, -Dr. Robyn.