The End of Impossible & Onto the Middle East

some updates, a teaser, and more


Friends, I successfully delivered my TEDx Talk this past weekend. People said I crushed it! We will see when the video comes out how well it was! But, it is done and I am relieved. It was the single most hardest thing I’ve ever done! I was humbled to be asked to do this talk and also, I must mention that there was a whole host of community behind me (1,000 hands) supporting me! We don’t really ever do anything by ourselves; we do things through a cohesive social fabric that I call togetherness! I will share the TEDx Talk here via a link when it becomes available! I’m NOT sure when that is or will be, but as soon as I have access to it, I’ll share it far and wide. The last words of my talk were from Gloria Anzaldúa: “Let us be the healing of the wounds.”

I am traveling to Israel this week! Thank you for helping me get there! Many of you supported me with a few dollars to help offset the cost for this Liberation Learning Journey, and I am grateful for your support! The time has come for me to travel, so I’m letting you know that I’ll be in the Middle East thru mid-September and I’ll return with my gleanings in late September. I won’t have a computer with me, so I won’t be writing digitally; instead, I’ll be journaling and then returning home to Nashville to share my insights here on Substack and help nurture a collective becoming!

I look forward to my return and seeing what bubbles up for me relative to belonging and freedom, the s subject of my next book! If freedom is an existence and a potential outcome is flourishing, how then do we achieve belonging and freedom in a world that ha domesticated polarization? That is my chief question these days!

If you follow me on social media, I’ll be posting some there, and then will return to post my fuller thoughts here on Our Collective Becoming! Hold me in your heart as I travel and discern and body my thoughts & feelings for another possible world.

Here’s to ethical futures!

Onward, -Dr. Robyn.

man selling assorted seeds
Photo by Simon Goetz on Unsplash