Pouring into Community

Flipping the script on Giving Tuesday

The problem with Giving Tuesday is that it disconnects the donor from the organization. It asks you to give, but rarely encourages a relationship past your monetary offering.

Activist Theology Project is not like other organizations you might support. We do not believe in saviors; no one is coming to save us. The work of getting free is work that all of us can do - indeed, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Do you have a vision that invites you to pour your full self into it, one that makes you feel alive? What hopes do you have for the future? What does the world look like, sound like, feel like, when you let your imagination fly? We invite you to give what you can to support this work of moral imagination and embodied practice that seeks to provide conditions for culture shift.

There's much work to be done; the labor of building the bridges that will support us into an unfolding and emerging new reality is the labor of rebuilding and restoring our humanity, tending to our bodies and to our body politic, and nurturing transformed social systems that materially manifest an ethics of radical care for ourselves, for each other, and for our only home, Earth.

We want to do this work WITH YOU and we value your contribution to it. We also don't want our relationship to end simply because you make a conscientious effort to become a donor and we respond with a simple "thanks."

Every donor during the month of December is invited into the following:

• We will send you a short survey that asks questions regarding the kind of work you would most like to see from Activist Theology. This can be work you would like to engage in or not.

• You will be invited to participate in a Zoom call that shares the results of the survey and frames some next steps.

• You will also receive an invitation to a monthly donor Zoom where we report progress and share updates

• AND, If you set up a recurring gift (minimum of $20/month), we'll send you a custom travel tumbler.

Join us in the journey and you'll find that you're already home.

We invite you to give financially to support this emerging & important work. We invite you to join this work by re-storying yourself and joining our community to do the important work of culture shift.