Hope is a Discipline

habits as ritual as justice

There’s a lot happening right now. We are mourning the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; we are anxiously anticipating the election of our lifetime; and, we, many of us, feel that there is no hope. Well, hope is a discipline, one that points us toward habits as ritual as justice.

I’ve been thinking a lot about habits and what we do with our habits and how we might steward our habits in more generative ways. I think about the connection of habits to ritual. Can we imagine our habits are a ritual and that ritual is meaningful movements? I wonder what might shift in our imagination and in our theological practice when we think about habits as ritual? Going further, I wonder about habits as ritual as justice. How might our rituals be part of our justice making in the world? When we think through this by taking a step back and analyzing our movements and our habits, we can come to an awareness that our habits can be meaning-making tools that allow us to celebrate ritual and make justice more real in the world. That’s what I’m focussed on in these moments of great transition.

“Habits as ritual as justice” -Dr. Robyn

Maybe we can begin to sort through the bullshit and get to our feelings from a place of habit making and meaningful discourse. Maybe we can begin to be the healing of our own wounds.

Blessings on this Jewish New Year. May we see the light in our hope as disciplined habits.

Onward, -Dr. Robyn.