Decolonizing Jesus & his teachings

a pop-up learning community

One of my students from Duke Divinity School sent me this image several weeks ago, and it got me to thinking about doing a pop-up learning community around Jesus! What do y’all think?

I’m thinking of making several on demand videos of short talks about Jesus and why we have to decolonize not just the person, Jesus, but the myths and the teachings that have been institutionalized. So, I think this will be my summer project and launch in fall. I’ll offer this through the Activist Theology Project, my home for collaborative meaning-making experiences and how and where I distribute my politicized scholarship and politicized activism. Are you interested in joining? Send me a DM on Twitter at @iRobyn, subscribe to Our Collective Becoming, and keep an eye out on the launch of this pop-up learning community.

I think we will have lots of fun! 3-4 on demand sessions with 1 lengthy IRL zoom session for those who register!

Watch for details!