Becoming Human with One Another

we collectively suck

In an effort to write more often and actually get content into the world and do the thing that I say that I do, which is scholarship and activism, I’ve migrated my email list over to substack, so that I can actually build a community of readers. I hope you’ll take the time to consider becoming a part of this community where we will ask questions, work out our fears, and build together the kind of relationships that will foster a deeper difference, so that we can survive ourselves!

My goal is to help us all become human with one another, address pressing social concerns, and actually get ideas out that might otherwise be stifled in the academy and unable to be digested. We know that we are living in a time where authoritarian politics and fascism threatens our global standing in the world. Many of us who read this have religious values and are people of faith, so we need to know how to engage with what’s happening in the world, so that we can participate in the world’s becoming.

That’s where this becoming newsletter comes in! Will you join me in the process of becoming, too?

I hope you will join me as I work through my questions of becoming human and becoming embodied. I hope that you will subscribe to the newsletter and become part of the community that is seeking to become human within our reach! I have a lot of hope, because without hope, I get depressed and then become more concerned that we aren’t going to survive this tyranny.

What questions do you have? Can we build a community where we ask the questions that we are afraid to ask and actually become in solidarity with one another? I hope so!

Let’s start building the kind of world we long to inhabit! Will you join me? Some posts will be free; other posts will require a subscription and I hope you will subscribe and become a part of the solution of becoming human with one another! Will you join this tiny little revolution of becoming?