Becoming a New People Amid Coronavirus

How will we respond?

Friends, I know in this rapidly changing environment, we are living with a great amount of uncertainty. I want to remind you that faith is not what you know but what you can’t know! Faith is so much about uncertainty, and this is our moment as people of faith and people who doubt. While I am sad about the way our federal government is responding to this global pandemic, I hope that together we can flatten the curve by leaning in to becoming a new people amid coronavirus!

Are you staying home? Are you self-isolating? Are you protecting yourself? So much to do with little known facts, other than this virus is deadly for those who are most vulnerable and hard to fight. Can we imagine becoming a new kind of human in light of this pandemic? I hope so!

I am writing to encourage you and writing to remind you that we have each other in these moments, which are panic stricken and topsy turvy to say the least! Watch your local governments and lean into what the local governments are doing, since our federal government isn’t as responsive as we need them to be. We do need leadership and we need a chance to survive this pandemic. Follow local leaders and shelter in place as you’re able. We will get through this together and I will write, again, soon!

Let us lean into an imagination of becoming a new people amid this global pandemic. Let us lean into togetherness in these times. Text your friends and check on those who are alone right now!

Onward, -Dr. Robyn.