This year's election

Friends, we’ve got 50 days to go before the election. Do you have a plan to vote? I admit, this quarantine life has got me all discombobulated and I’ve not written as often as I would have liked, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the needs of the world. How can we have left so many people die from this virus? How is it that we are all scared to go out in public? Why have other countries been able to conceal the virus and are okay, but we are still suffering? Well, we can change that if we all plan our vote. Will you work to plan your vote and enact decency in democracy?

The Activist Theology Podcast will be covering the election in October and working with folks who are trying to bring decency back to our democracy. I hope you will join us on the podcast. I love the podcast so much because it’s actually being in relationship with folks and working to advance a better body politic.

As I’ve been quarantined, I’ve been working on my new book on bodies and embodiment. I think a lot about the election and the ways that our relationship with our bodies can shape and shift the cultural body. So, let’s do it. 50toGo! Plan your vote!

Saludos, -Dr. Robyn.